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Mr Hobby T106 Mr Color Thinner (110ml)

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Mr Hobby T108 Mr Color Thinner (110ml) 


Mr. LEVELING THINNER is excellent for spray (airbrush) applicators.
Mixing Mr. LEVELING THINNER into Mr. COLOR at a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 improves coat leveling and increases shine. When drying is slow because of insufficient air current during winter months, it is best to mix Mr. COLOR THINNER into Mr. LEVELING THINNER.
The mixture will be dry to the touch after a period of about 10 minutes.

Mr. LEVELING THINNER 非常适合喷雾(喷枪)。
将 Mr. LEVELING THINNER 以 1:1 或 1:2 的比例混合到 Mr. COLOR 中可改善涂层流平并增加光泽。 冬季风量不足导致干燥缓慢时,最好将Mr. COLOR THINNER混入Mr. LEVELING THINNER中。
大约 10 分钟后,混合物会变干。

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