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One Piece Kuja Pirates Ship

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One Piece Kuja Pirates Ship


Accessories: Effects sea

Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 7 cm / 307g


The ship is a basic galleon with a pink mansion structure in the middle. Paddle-wheels are installed on the stern in exchange of a rudder, and instead of a figurehead, two Yuda are tied to the front, where they steer the ship. The front sail bears the jolly roger of the Kuja Pirates, while the back sail has "Kuja"  written in kanji.


As the Kuja tribe reside in Amazon Lily, an island in the middle of the Calm Belt, they are in danger of being attacked by Sea Kings. Therefore, the crew uses Yuda, ferocious and poisonous sea-serpents that even Sea Kings do not dare to attack, that they somehow managed to domesticate, to safely guide their ship through. This is a newly devised method to travel through the Calm Belt.

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