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  • Mobility Gundam Vol.2 set 7pcs
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Mobility Gundam Vol.2

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Mobility Gundam Vol.2


--The Shokugan Gundam series where you can enjoy high mobility with the movable unit `MOBILITY JOINT` and various model changes (strengthening / expansion) with EX parts.

――The second lineup is from ν Gundam, Sazabi, Gira Doga, Gira Doga (Rezin Schneider exclusive machine) and [Char's Counterattack].
――A total of 7 types including 3 types of [EX parts] are available.
--ν Gundam can be further strengthened with 2 types of EX parts.
-The Lange Bruno cannon is three-dimensionalized with a large volume of about 100 mm in total length.


--Assembly kit (partially colored)
1. 1. ν Gundam
2. Sotheby
3. 3. Gira Doga
Four. Gira Doga (Rezin Schneider exclusive machine)
Five. EX parts for ν Gundam
6. EX parts for Sotheby & ν Gundam
7. 7. EX parts for Gira Doga

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