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MGEX 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam

MG high-end brand that challenges the "extreme expression" of MS based on the "theme" set for each aircraft by combining the technology accumulated by BANDAI SPIRITS and different materials. The second is "Strike Freedom Gundam".
■ The theme of this time is "Metallic expression", the highest peak in the history of Gunpla. A total of 6 patterns of 3 types of special processing, 2 types of metallic molding, and etching seals express the metallic feel of the inner frame.
■ The internal frame is equipped with the largest number of "frame-linked movable gimmicks" in MG history. The armor-linked movable gimmick that has been partially adopted in MG / RG is adopted in many parts. It is a new experience area where each part is organically linked.
■ In order to emphasize the presence of the internal frame, we adopted a parts structure that gives room to the gaps in the armor and red clear parts. Equipped with many "attractive gimmicks" created to make the metallic expression stand out.
■ Multiple movable parts are mounted on the hip joint. By taking the two steps of "drawer ⇒ movable", you can naturally reproduce the flying pose with both feet overlapped.
■ Comes with a wealth of weapons equipped with numerous gimmicks such as "Long Range Beam Rifle", "Kusifias 3 Railgun", and "Super Laquerta Beam Saber".
■ Includes "Paper Craft Runner Stand" that makes it easy to manage multiple runners in the assembly process.

■ Beam rifle x 2
■ Beam saber blade x 2
■ Hand parts x 1 set
■ Figure x 2 types (Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne)
■ Action base x 1
■ PET sheet (for beam shield) x 2
■ Water transfer type decal x 1
■ Etching seal x 1
■ Metallic 3D sticker x 1
■ Paper craft type runner stand x 1

Pre-order Closed Date:10/7/2022
Released Date:NOV-DEC 2022

PRICE:RM580[Exclude Pos]


MGEX is MG High-end brand that pursues the “EXTREME EXPRESSION”
of the MS under certain “theme” for by combining the culmination of
BANDAI SPIRITS technology and different materials


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